Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another Little Birdie Left the Nest

Mike's daughter Whitney has lived on her own since she was 18 and has learned how hard it is to make ends meet on one income. She has worked her tail off for the past 3 years working 2 jobs and is just ready for a change, so off she goes to Kansas City. We decided to get the family together to tell her goodbye and what a better way to do it then to sing karaoke? Right??? Well that is what we like to do and we had a great time and wished her well. We know she will do great. Thanks for peeking in.


Whimsey said...

Hey, do you buy stamps from Gina K Designs? We're having a party at; she opens her new store at midnight. She's giving coupon codes and fabulous sneak peeks until then!!

emily said...

hey, i'm in kansas city! hope she made it okay :)

haley said...

i miss whitney