Friday, January 30, 2009

The big 6-0!

Here is a fun little layout of Lynette's birthday. A few years ago we celebrated her 60th birthday. We knew we couldn't let this milestone pass without having a very special celebration. So we made reservations in Anthony Kansas for Diva Day Out. They have a little house devoted to fun lunches and after your lunch then you walk around their town and shop. There are several really neat little shops there. It was something different to do and I think we all had a good time. It was about an hours drive from here so we got in a lot of good "girl gab". The house is just an ordinary house but the inside is decorated up so cute with bright colors. They serve lunch on some very uniquely painted dishes. It was just a great time! Of coarse since it was her 60th we had to raz her about her age, just a little, and she was a good sport about it too.

For this layout I used Bazzil Bling Cardstock it has that fun shimmer to it (I picked it up at Hobby Lobby on a 50% off sale) and the stickers are all Jolee's.

Now on to cookies...Oreo cookies to be exact.
Have I told you how much I enjoy my job and my co-workers? Well interestingly enough I got into this conversation yesterday about Oreo cookies with a friend at work. My favorite kind is the regular old Oreo. I love to dunk them in milk but not all the way...just half way so half of the cookie is soggy, I eat that first then I proceed to eat the crunchy part. YUM-O! My friend likes the Oreo with the chocolate filling...I haven't tried this one yet. Just for the fun of it I looked up to see how many different kinds of Oreo's there are....did you know there are 7? Mind boggling isn't it? As I said in my survey in my last post around that time of the month these are my favorite thing to eat. Every woman has to have some chocolate at that time don't they? This picture resembles me at that very time.
Well, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A new do!

Hi friends! Today at lunch I went to get my hair cut. I have been growing my hair out for some time now and I looked in the mirror last week and decided that there was just no style there and I really don't like that. So I set out looking at all sorts of photos trying to decide what I wanted and I decided on this little angled cut. She took about 4 inches off the back. What do you think? I love it!

So a friend of mine tagged me and asked me to post 25 things about Toni you really want to know, one of those getting to know you posts so here it goes:

1. I love to sing. I am not as good as I used to be but I still love to do it and every now and then I will even sing karaoke.
2. I have many grey hairs right in the middle of my head. You normally can't see them because I color my hair.
3. In the spring time I love to take road trips. They don't have to be very far but I love to get out on the open road and crank up the "road tunes".
4. I love to read books about my catholic faith, particularly ones about different saints.
5. I would love to visit Italy especially Vatican City with my girls and Mike.
6. I love lighthouses. I was so excited when Mike and I got to drive up the coast of Washington state and visit several lighthouses.
7. I never knew how great life could be married to your best friend. I love Mike more and more each day.
8. I secretly wish I was obsessive compulsive about cleaning the house. I envy women that have such clean homes with children, because as we all know, children are slobs.
9. Around that time of the month I could eat 15 Oreo cookies and milk at one sitting.
10. I can't swim. In fact I am scared to death of the deep end of the swimming pool and we have a pool in our back yard.
11. I love to be silly and make my girls laugh.
12. I should belong to a 12 step program for scrapbookers. I buy way too much stuff.
13. I am a planner. I have a schedule for everything, except I can't seem to plan dinners for the week. I like to do that on the fly!
14. My heart is so touched when I hear my girls say that I am their role model.
15. I worry too much about things I have no control over.
16. I like to make people laugh. Sometimes you just need a little laugh to get you through the day.
17. I love to take photos. This love started growing more in the last 2 years.
18. My sister is one of my best friends. We have this odd sense of humor that only we get.
19. My daughter Haley is going to be a Freshman next year and I am excited and nervous for her all at once. Let's not forget that when I walked into the high school a few weeks ago I got all choked up!
20. I can't imagine my life with out my girls. It is amazing what children bring to your life.
21. In my life I have found that the most valuable tool is communication. Mike and I have the best relationship that I have ever had. We have no secrets and we never go to bed mad.
22. Most of my friends are older than I am.
23. I would love to be able to dance but I have two left feet. When Mike and I dance together somewhere he says that I always take the lead.
24. I love to quote movie lines from chick flicks.
25. I love shopping at Lowes. Mike hates it when I go to Lowes. I usually find all kinds of things I want to remodel.

So there they are. 25 things about me you might not have known. So now it's your turn. If you are reading this then I am tagging you. Be sure to leave me a comment that you have done this on your blog so I can get to know you too! Good night friends!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

O dear another year!

Another frigid day here in Kansas and I understand that we may get ice overnight! YUCK! I don't mind snow but I hate ice, especially driving on it! But today was great because Mike didn't have to work today. His brother Rusty offered to work the day for him so he could have a Sunday off with us! Isn't that sweet? I sure thought so. We spent the whole day together playing games and watching movies.

Here is a fun little layout that I did not too long ago of a casual birthday celebration for my dad. The older he gets the more he insists on us not doing any "big celebrating" for his birthday. So we usually just stop by or have dinner.

Now, since it is such a cold day out I decided to make potato soup for dinner. Yum ola! This is a family favorite here. So I am going to share the recipe with you. The first time I had it was at this little tea room, Riverside Cup of Tea, and I loved it so much that I bought their little cookbook.

Golden Potato Soup

6 potatoes - peeled & diced
1 carrot
1 stick celery
5 c chicken broth (or 5 c. water and 2 boullion cubes)
1 tsp. salt
dash of pepper
1 can (13 oz) evaporated milk
1 tsp. parsley
1/3 c. Velveeta
2 Tbsp. butter or margarine

Cook vegetables in broth, salt, and pepper till tender. Stir in milk, cheese, butter and parsley. Heat slowly. To extend soup add a bit more milk, salt and potato flakes. Serves 8-10.


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Happy Saturday everyone! It was soo cold here today in doo dah! I don't know why it is but after Christmas in my mind I think enough with the cold let's have some spring weather now! Unfortunately that is definitely not the case today! This has been such a busy day for us. The kids had activities at school today and then they wanted to go play for a while at a friends house so I have been the taxi driver today! Every time I start feeling tired (and maybe a little cranky) about making all the errands I remind myself that in a few short years they won't need me to drive them everywhere *sniff* and then I just snap right out of it!

Any way here is a layout I managed to crank out pretty quick this evening. This is a fabulous group of ladies that I met while working at the bank. There are only two of us that still work there but every year at Christmas we have our annual "Girls Dinner". We take our time and visit, no time limits or other appointments that we have to be running off to. We just have a nice leisurely dinner. This happens to be 2004. I have several years to catch up on don't I? The blue patterned paper is Daisy D's and the cardstock is Bazzil. The red ribbon is some something I picked up at Hobby Lobby and the white titling letters are vinyl Thickers. Man I love those things! They add such nice dimension to projects.

Stay warm my little friends!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kansas City...Kansas City Here I Come!

Ok so I have been dying to tell you this story. Monday I took a little road trip with some girlfriends up to Kansas City. We thought we needed to go fondle some scrapbook merchandise. So we made our plan to leave Wichita and head out for Kansas City around 8:30 am. Mary drove as we were in hot pursuit of scrapbook stuff and we simply couldn't drive the speed limit. So I picked up Sarah since we live so close to eachother and we headed over to Mary's. Sarah was telling me how her hubby was reminding her to take the AAA card just incase. We both giggled and thought how sweet but we won't need that. So we are on our merry little way talking and laughing and all of a sudden we hear this noise similar to what a large truck comming up from behind you would sound like then I yelled out...we've got a flat! Sure enough!

So Sarah pulled out the good ol' trusty AAA card and called (thanks hubby)!

When she finally got a live person on the line she told them where we were and they asked her what mile marker we were close to. I looked out the back window and noticed a mile marker not that far back so I decided to run to it and get the number. I've been walking on the treadmill for 3 weeks now this will be a piece of cake. Umm...yeah right.

I started out with the theme to Chariots of Fire in my mind...I am running for a cause...scrapbook supplies...the wind was blowing and it was pretty cold, the ground was uneven and hard to run on but...I made it...I reached out for the sign to catch my breath...I thought my throat was getting frostbite I looked at the sign. 166, great I can head back...all the way back. I didn't think I could run all the way back but I started out and then these men pulled up and asked if I was okay and needed help. Struggling to get my breath I said " change...the tire?" There was a lot of gasping just to get that out. See we didn't know how to get the spare off. It was under the vehicle and there is a release lever that you push in the trunk to release the wheel. So needless to say these Good Samaritans got us back on the road in nothing flat. After a short stint in the Walmart in Ottawa we were back on the road to Kansas City.

Our first stop was the Cheesecake Factory. So here we are in all of our glory eating this wonderful stuff. Too bad they don't have one here. Then again it might be a good idea that we don't have one here.

Mary and her Snickers Cheesecake.

Me and my Peanutbutter Cup Cheesecake.

Sarah and her Banana Cheesecake...which I loved and have vowed to get the next time!

Here's Linda and the 30th Anniversary edition Cheesecake.
After our decadent lunch and desert we headed over to JoAnn's Fabric where Mary and Linda swore that this was going to blow us away. Their scrapbook department was twice the size of Hobby Lobby's. Sarah and I thought they were embellishing a little bit but no way! Sarah was so excited to see one of her newest favorite lines. I am so jazzed that I could catch her excitement!

It was funny because we were all so excited and being so loud that this group of ladies on the next isle came over to see what all the racket was because there were people getting as excited as they do over scrapbooking! One of them even called her friend and said "listen to this...see we're not the only people who get excited over scrapbook stuff!"

Our last stop of the day was Archivers which was equally as fun but after all the food and jumping at JoAnn's we were ready to head home.

Here are my fabulous finds. I highly recommend that if you are in the Overland Park area you stop and browse at JoAnn's. You won't be sorry.
Here are the Cloud Nine goods.
This is a new line from Colorbok that Sarah got me hooked on.
And who couldn't live (in a scrapbook room) without Bobunny's Double Dot Cardstock?
And now my friends I think I better end the longest blog post in my blogging history. Thanks for peekin' in. Love to get your feedback!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Fun

Hi everyone. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was a little busy but I did get to scrapbook with a friend this weekend. I didn't get too many layouts done but this was one of my favorite ones. My birthday 2006. That empty box on the second page is for journaling so once I finish that up I will be putting that in an album! Yay! So excited to be getting some pages done. Seems like I go in spurts as to how often I scrap and how much I get done.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day. I have tomorrow off for the Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday so I am going to Kansas City with a group of friends to go scrapbook shopping! HELLO I CAN'T WAIT!
We are planing on eating lunch at the Cheesecake Factory...YUM-O! So I will post some pictures of our trip later.

So what do you think of the new background? I wanted a change. I had the old template and heading for over a year and I have seen so many of you girls use The Cutest Blog On The Block so I thought what the heck. It was so easy to apply and the great part is if I feel like changing to something else next week I can do that because they have so many designs...the hard part was choosing one! Hope you have a great week. Thanks for stoppin' by!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

She's A Star!!

Remember I told you guys that we always try to make my sister's birthday special? Well this year was her 30th birthday...shhh...don't tell!! We decided to make the theme Hollywood Star. So we got these great metallic decorations that hang down from the ceiling. There were stars, camera and movie reels. Then we put down a red carpet and we all wore some fun hats. My girls were the MC's for the night and they wore the glittery top hats and beads to match, the rest of us wore these black gangster looking hats. When Teri walked in the girls greeted her with a speech about how she was a star and we did interviews with her on her way down the red carpet! We had dinner and birthday cake and ended the evening with Wii Bowling! She loved it and I think it was a special birthday!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Time for Tea

Well here we are on Monday again, however I am thankful that the day went quick. Don't you love it when that happens? We are watching the Bachelor tonight. I admit have have a small sickness...I love the shows the Bachelor & American Idol...which is on tomorrow night. So as Mike puts's a couch potato week!

I have some great news. Mike had a check up with the heart doctor today and he said that his heart looks pretty much 100% now and that as long as everything keeps on this track that he doesn't see why he can't stop the Coumidon in April!!!!! This is such great news! Thank you for all of your prayers!

So on to this layout. These photos are from a day that my mom and I took the girls to the tea room for lunch one Saturday afternoon. We had such a good time and the girls loved trying on different hats! The title was cut from the Jasmine Cricut cartridge and the fun little heart flower was cut from A Walk In My Garden cartridge. The rub ons were all from Stampin Up. I am not sure what line the paper is from I have had it for so long I can't remember. See...using up the old stuff...feels so good to do that!

Well thanks for peeking in. Hope you have a great Tuesday and that it breezes right on by!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday

Still working on 2006. Here is a layout dedicated to my sister's birthday. She has a birthday right after Christmas. When she was a kid my mom was always afraid she would feel like she was getting jipped because we had just had Christmas and so we always tried to make an extra special day of it.
I have seen in a lot of magazines and even some of the pages you all have done that you journal in strips so I thought I would try that on this layout. I wasn't sure how I would like it but it looks pretty good.
Well, I have been a slacker today and haven't gotten dinner ready yet so I better get to it!
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sisterly Love

Hi friends! Hope you are having a great weekend. You know I didn't do a darn thing today and it just felt so good. I feel a little bit lazy but we all gotta do that every once in a while don't we? Most of the day I spent looking at different scrapbook web sites trying to find a good place to purchase my scrappin' goodies. I found this great one called Croppin Paradise and another one called Scrapbook Express I have a cart saved at Scrapbook Express with the newest Bobunny line so maybe soon I will get some fun from the mailman.

I have also been working on Valentine cards. Since I didn't get Christmas cards out this year I am going to send out Valentines. Sounds fun doesn't it? Yeah probably if I weren't so picky about what the card looked like. I visited several sites...Shutterfly, Photoworks and even some of the local places like Picture Perfect, Walgreens and Sams then I finally found one that I loved...Polka Dot Design and they have the cutest backgrounds for Valentines. So now all I have to do is pick what I want. Who would'a knew Valentines were so tough to do?

Well anyway on to this fun little layout. One of the best things about having friends that scrapbook is that sometimes you inherit some cool stuff. Like this layout for instance. Nikki was cleaning her scrapbook room and came across this page kit that a friend of hers (Teri Manny) had made for a crop a few years back. Nikki doesn't have any girls to scrap for as there are all boys in her family so she thought I could use it (thanks girlie). These photos are of our little chicks on spring break 2006...I caught them scrapbooking together. There was a page full of different quotes so I cut a few out and placed them around the page. One of my favorites has to be "Never let an agry sister comb your hair" LOL! If you have a sister you know that one is true!
Thanks for peekin' in! I just love to hear from you!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I can bring home the bacon...

My co-worker and I have the best time at work sometimes. We laugh a lot...they say it is healthy to laugh and where better than at work when you can sometimes be stressed out right? Well I am not sure exactly how it came up but something reminded me of that old commercial from the early 80's for Enjoli perfume. I just started cracking up and I thought this might take some of you back and maybe give you a little giggle too! Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of my blog and press pause on my music so you can enjoy the commercial!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Giving Thanks

Hi friends. How ya be today? I have to say was pretty spoiled with all those holidays the past few weeks! Someone stopped by my office this morning and asked how we were all doing this Monday morning and one of my coworkers said "'s a 5 day work week and its Monday"! Ain't it just the truth? I tell ya!

Here is a page layout that I finished up this weekend...Thanksgiving 2007 at my folks house. I just love the close up of Mike and I because he has this look on his face like he loves me...*big sigh* sure do love that guy! I used the Cricut Tear Drop cartridge for the title and the patterned paper is by Daisy D's. Unfortunately Daisy D's has gone out of business...too bad because I really liked their stuff!

Have you all made your New Year's resolutions? I make the same one every year...exercise more! Hopefully I will be able to do it though because we got a treadmill for Christmas. So far I have been on it every day except for 3 since we got it on the 27th. Not too bad huh? Now let's just see if I can keep it up. I mainly got it because Mike needs to exercise every day.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Dr Pepper Boys

Hi friends! How is the new year treatin' ya? I had to work today. It was so weird, seemed like a Monday but I am glad it wasn't! Here are a couple of pages that I finished the other day. This is my hubby with our Godson a few years ago. Mike loves Dr Pepper and apparently our little dude does too! Ain't they cute? The title was cut out using the Cricut cartridge Alphalicious. That has to be one of my favorites. Well hope you have a good weekend! We are just cleaning up Christmas decorations and trying to get organized. Take care!