Friday, January 2, 2009

Dr Pepper Boys

Hi friends! How is the new year treatin' ya? I had to work today. It was so weird, seemed like a Monday but I am glad it wasn't! Here are a couple of pages that I finished the other day. This is my hubby with our Godson a few years ago. Mike loves Dr Pepper and apparently our little dude does too! Ain't they cute? The title was cut out using the Cricut cartridge Alphalicious. That has to be one of my favorites. Well hope you have a good weekend! We are just cleaning up Christmas decorations and trying to get organized. Take care!


Sarah :) said...

CUTE Toni! I was a Dr. Pepper kid in a family of Dr. Pepper people. We even went to the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco Texas. You should take Mike sometime! I remember it was really fun. :)

I love Alphalicious!! It's so cute and really versatile.

Whimsey said...

So, so cute; love these!

I'll send Jared over, he's a Dr. Pepper boy too! LOL

Enuk's Mom said...

LOL...these are a crack up

maicher said...

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