Thursday, January 15, 2009

She's A Star!!

Remember I told you guys that we always try to make my sister's birthday special? Well this year was her 30th birthday...shhh...don't tell!! We decided to make the theme Hollywood Star. So we got these great metallic decorations that hang down from the ceiling. There were stars, camera and movie reels. Then we put down a red carpet and we all wore some fun hats. My girls were the MC's for the night and they wore the glittery top hats and beads to match, the rest of us wore these black gangster looking hats. When Teri walked in the girls greeted her with a speech about how she was a star and we did interviews with her on her way down the red carpet! We had dinner and birthday cake and ended the evening with Wii Bowling! She loved it and I think it was a special birthday!


Whimsey said...

OK; how stinkin' cool is THAT? Bet she felt like a star!

Love the pictures - adorable!

Enuk's Mom said...

How cool...looks like you guys had so much fun. How did she like the tri-pod?

sticker said...