Friday, January 30, 2009

The big 6-0!

Here is a fun little layout of Lynette's birthday. A few years ago we celebrated her 60th birthday. We knew we couldn't let this milestone pass without having a very special celebration. So we made reservations in Anthony Kansas for Diva Day Out. They have a little house devoted to fun lunches and after your lunch then you walk around their town and shop. There are several really neat little shops there. It was something different to do and I think we all had a good time. It was about an hours drive from here so we got in a lot of good "girl gab". The house is just an ordinary house but the inside is decorated up so cute with bright colors. They serve lunch on some very uniquely painted dishes. It was just a great time! Of coarse since it was her 60th we had to raz her about her age, just a little, and she was a good sport about it too.

For this layout I used Bazzil Bling Cardstock it has that fun shimmer to it (I picked it up at Hobby Lobby on a 50% off sale) and the stickers are all Jolee's.

Now on to cookies...Oreo cookies to be exact.
Have I told you how much I enjoy my job and my co-workers? Well interestingly enough I got into this conversation yesterday about Oreo cookies with a friend at work. My favorite kind is the regular old Oreo. I love to dunk them in milk but not all the way...just half way so half of the cookie is soggy, I eat that first then I proceed to eat the crunchy part. YUM-O! My friend likes the Oreo with the chocolate filling...I haven't tried this one yet. Just for the fun of it I looked up to see how many different kinds of Oreo's there are....did you know there are 7? Mind boggling isn't it? As I said in my survey in my last post around that time of the month these are my favorite thing to eat. Every woman has to have some chocolate at that time don't they? This picture resembles me at that very time.
Well, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Talk to you soon!


Sarah :) said...

I'm literally laughing out loud at the hilarious oreo-stuffing picture!! You really DO love those Oreos, don'tcha? :) Not a fan of the chocolate-filled ones. I DO like the vanilla ones and the white-chocolate covered ones they sell at Christmas. Yum!

Your Birthday celebration for Lynette sounds so fun! What a unique experience. And I like the way you put the pictures of your food on the page. Cute!

Enuk's Mom said...

That was such a fun day and seems like an eternity ago. Nice layout.
Seriously, what is that girl doing in the looks alittle disgusting until you look at the picture and see what she is doing. Dang I have a disgusting mind.

Lynette said...

What a surprise to see me! That was a great trip. Joyce is going to be reaching that milestone in the next couple of years. We will have to think up something cool for her like this.

Anonymous said...

Hi fav is double stuffed choclet oreos. love the pics.

megans sis