Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gotta love pastels...

Hi Everyone! I have been running around like a crazy woman today. Haley had to be at school for God Squad this morning at 9 so I used this opportunity to do some errands. I needed a new coffee pot. It is so funny...I didn't used to be a coffee drinker until about 2 years ago and now I love to have a cup...or 3 every morning. Just helps get my motor runnin'. Do you like to drink coffee? If not what do you do to get movin in the morning? After errands I came back to the house to clean and when Haley got home we had about 2 hours before she had to back up to the school for dress rehearsal for her choir variety show. There are 2 performances today and then they clean up after the last one so she has a very long day ahead of her. I will see what kind of pictures I can get and share them with you later.

Can you believe Easter is next weekend already? I had a few orders for Easter cards and I think these are two of my favorite cards.

I have had this little Imaginisce Chick stamp for a year and this is the first time I have had to ink it up. Isn't it so cute? Here is the best was only $1! I had a chance to check out the new little scrapbook store on the West side of town. Frozen in Time is such a cute little shop. It is a little small but she has some fun stuff. I picked up the paper for both of the cards there. The patterned paper is from We R Memory Keepers and it is the Hippity Hoppity line. The cool thing about this paper is that it is double sided AND the paper used in this card was all from the same paper...yep both the flowered part and the green polka dot. What cha talkin' about right? Well this is the kind of paper that has one full side of the same print and the other side has 4 different prints on the other side...perfect for card making! I used the Fiskars Threading Water punch to do that cute little scallop on the green paper. The chick was colored with sunburst yellow prisma marker. OH YEAH...Hobby Lobby has their markers on sale today for 30% off...I picked up a few more colors. Those darn things are so expensive that seems to be the only way that I can do it! The ribbon on this card...if you can see it is Bazzill. I picked it up at Frozen in Time too!

Now this little guy is simple but I love the way it turned out. Again it is the same paper and on this one I used Prima Flowers and the blue ribbon is also from Bazzill. Do you like them? I sure do!

Sorry about the photography on these cards. I was just trying to take a quick picture of them before going to bed and it was so late! I have some other Easter cards to share with you this week too. I got a few new stamp sets. One set was from Ellen Hutson's store...that gal has some great turnaround time on ordering. I got the stamp set in 4 days after my order! Check her out!

Well thanks for peekin' in! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

8th Grade Lake Day

Hi friends! How are you today? I am doing great...the sun is shining! I thought I would share a few of the pages that I made for Haley's school book with you.
It is tradition that after the last day of school Fr. Eck takes the 8th grade class out to the lake to go skiing. It was a really nice day...a little chilly but not too bad. Several parents went and we BBQ'd for the kids while Fr. Eck showed them how to ski. I wanted to use bright sunshiny colors so I used the summer line from Karen Foster.

Here's a close up of the title, foam thicker letters with a little bit of rhinestone bling.

Here is the second page. There were only 10 kids in Haley's class and only 4 girls! Gotta love small schools!

I wanted to zoom in on this picture of Father. Can you believe his is in his 80's? He is such a wonderful priest!

Well thanks for peekin' in! I am so glad that you stopped in! This weekend Haley has a huge variety show and they are having 3 performances...can't wait to share some pictures with you!

Take care of you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Diaper Cakes

Happy Saturday! Burrrr! That is all I have to say this morning! We've got blowing snow outside so today we are just hanging around enjoying our last few days of time off inside. Today I decided to organize my scrapbook room and get all the "nooks and crannys" cleaned out. Went through some of my stamps that haven't received much love lately and thought I might sell some (so if you're interested let me know, most of them are Stampin Up) and we are catching up on laundry today also. I am sure we will pop in a few movies before the day is through too!

Tomorrow the girls and I are going to a baby shower for Mike's nieces. One had her baby in December and the other is due in a few weeks, both of the girls are from the same family so a joint shower just makes sense. I heard that they really had quite a bit of stuff already and they had diapers on their list. You know me...I can't just give a package of diapers...I have to "dress it up" a bit right? So here are the creations that my oldest daughter and I made one evening this week. Diaper cakes. Both of them are made using one package of diapers, the "icing" is a 30x30 flannel receiving blanket wrapped with ribbon. Perfect timing on the shower because we picked up some crinkle paper Easter grass for a great price to add a little fluff and a little stuffed animal at the top...also there to the side are 3 baby washcloths with a bow around them. I wish I could say that I thought this idea up all by myself but I actually found the idea on Esy. There is a gal that does up all kinds of fun cakes like this and tons of other fun stuff so I thought...why couldn't I do that? I hope they like them...we sure had fun making them!

Well thanks for peekin' in! Have a great weekend! ~Toni

Friday, March 19, 2010

The 7 Sorrows of Mary's Heart

Hi everyone! We are having such beautiful weather today I just can't believe that we are supposed to get snow tomorrow. But I am thankful that the sun is shining! Today I am taking the kids to the movies. We are going to see The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The previews looked really cute...we shall see. I decided to change my blog background...again...because St Patrick's day is over and since I am going back to work next week I am sure that I won't have much time to redo the blog background again for a while so this is neutral enough that it should last me for a while...unless I get a wild hair! *wink*

This week I have been working on Haley's school scrapbook trying to catch up. This is a page that I started when my friend Lynette came over to scrapbook and I just couldn't get my mojo going. I hadn't scrapped in a while and was just stuck on my idea, then when the layout idea came to me I was stuck trying to find the right paper! But I didn't give up I just kept going and this is what I came up with. Once I got over that "creative hump" the rest of the pages I worked on were simple. Funny how that happens huh?

I thought with this being lent I would post this layout first. When Haley was in 8th grade her class performed the 7 Sorrows of Mary's Heart and Haley was Mary. They all did such a great job, it was a very moving performance! The larger picture is a little out of focus but even still I thought it was the best choice for the focal point on the page. She just stands out to me with the blue vale and white clothing. Over the years of taking pictures at the kids programs I have had some pictures not turn out as well, but that doesn't stop me from including them in the scrapbook. I mean if most of your pictures are in focus and there is one, like this one, well I would rather use it for the memory then not include it. The title is done with the Stone Script Cricut Cartridge and the jewel embellishments are clear brads from Hobby Lobby.

Here is close up of the "out of focus" picture. See...not too bad.

I just love my little Epsom Picture Mate printer! This is how you put many photos on a page and get away with a single page layout!

Hope you are having a happy friday! Can you believe Easter is just around the corner? I just ordered an Easter stamp set so I will be working on Easter cards just as soon as they get here! Take care of you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our little rocker

Hi friends! How are you today? Hope you are having a great week. I am enjoying spending time with my girls. You know it seems like we are always going somewhere or have something that we have to do whether it is school related or not so it is just nice to take some time and just enjoy being together playing games, watching movies and just having fun. I think the kids really needed a break from school too. I know Haley really needed the break, she has some really tough classes and sometimes it can get hard trying to juggle all the responsibilities as a young person so I am so glad that she could take a breather and just regroup. When they get back there are only 7 weeks of school left...can you believe that? Where did the school year go?

Here is a fun page that I did of our little godson. He is such a fun little guy! This was taken at Christmas, his mom told me that he really loved pretending to play the guitar so we got him this one. Look at him rock out!! I was out at Scrapfunattic a month or so ago and saw this paper and knew immediately that this would be perfect for this picture. The paper is by Making Memories and the chipboard embellishments are Me & My Big Ideas, I found them at Michaels. I made the photo black and white to downplay the background a little and make the photo 5x7. Every time I look at this page I can't help but laugh!

Still hoping the sun will come out some time soon! I hear that today and tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 60's and then Friday changes over to rain then Saturday...SNOW! What the heck? Then next week back into the 60's. Strange huh?

Thanks for peekin' in! Take care of you!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whitney's Birthday

Our daughter celebrated her 24th birthday a few weeks ago and we got to go to dinner with her and her precious little girl. I have been trying to find an affordable photo program to edit my pictures because for whatever reason my camera takes horrible pictures indoors. Too much light. I am just not sure what I am doing wrong. But I wanted to post these cute pictures.

Here is a great one of Whitney & Angelina.

Now she had just woke up from her nap so when Haley was holding her she wasn't sure about her surroundings yet.  But she did lean forward and give her a kiss.  Isn't that the sweetest?  She gives hugs too.  They are just so special!

This was close to the end of dinner so she was all grandma had given her some icing from the cake!  nummy nummy!
Here's a close up of the cake!  They did a FABULOUS job!  It was so good too!  Mike laughed because I gave up chocolate for lent and so I ordered a white cake...but actually I like white cake better than chocolate anyway.  Chocolate is always so dry!
Thanks for peekin' in!  I have been kicking some tail on scrapbooking.  I just might have Haley's school album caught up to Freshman year this week!  I took the week off to spend spring break with the girls.  We have been having such a good time!  Hope you get out there and enjoy this weather!  Supposed to get cold again this weekend!  Prayin' for some sunshine tomorrow!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hi friends! Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I thought I would get in the "green mood" and switch up my blog a little bit.  Pretty fun for March huh?  It has been a while since I have blogged! Life has been so hectic lately...I am sure you know the feeling right? My DH's (dear husband) daughter was in town with our little granddaughter a few weeks ago and we celebrated our daughter's birthday. I still have a little tweaking to do to the photos and I will share them with you. Cake turned out great and we had such a good evening!

Here is a card that I made for a co-worker. It was her wedding anniversary and she wanted to give her husband a special card. I thought this sweet little Bella Stamp was perfect. I paper pieced her dress...I just love this technique! I used the Stampin Up ticket punch to punch out the corners and then added dew drops to each corner to bling it up a little.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. I have a friend coming over today to scrapbook...I am so excited! Wish me luck that I get a bunch of pages done. Still working on the girls school scrapbooks...hopefully I can make some headway! Thanks for peekin' in!