Saturday, March 20, 2010

Diaper Cakes

Happy Saturday! Burrrr! That is all I have to say this morning! We've got blowing snow outside so today we are just hanging around enjoying our last few days of time off inside. Today I decided to organize my scrapbook room and get all the "nooks and crannys" cleaned out. Went through some of my stamps that haven't received much love lately and thought I might sell some (so if you're interested let me know, most of them are Stampin Up) and we are catching up on laundry today also. I am sure we will pop in a few movies before the day is through too!

Tomorrow the girls and I are going to a baby shower for Mike's nieces. One had her baby in December and the other is due in a few weeks, both of the girls are from the same family so a joint shower just makes sense. I heard that they really had quite a bit of stuff already and they had diapers on their list. You know me...I can't just give a package of diapers...I have to "dress it up" a bit right? So here are the creations that my oldest daughter and I made one evening this week. Diaper cakes. Both of them are made using one package of diapers, the "icing" is a 30x30 flannel receiving blanket wrapped with ribbon. Perfect timing on the shower because we picked up some crinkle paper Easter grass for a great price to add a little fluff and a little stuffed animal at the top...also there to the side are 3 baby washcloths with a bow around them. I wish I could say that I thought this idea up all by myself but I actually found the idea on Esy. There is a gal that does up all kinds of fun cakes like this and tons of other fun stuff so I thought...why couldn't I do that? I hope they like them...we sure had fun making them!

Well thanks for peekin' in! Have a great weekend! ~Toni


Michelle said...

Those are ADORABLE, Toni!!!!

Nikki said...

I love them! You guys did a great job.

Whimsey said...

They turned out fabulous; LOVE THEM! Know the girls will love them too; Lord knows you go through mega diapers!!!

JoEtta Zabel said...

WOW...these are gorgeous. I just heard about these with Danielle. You are so creative, it's disgusting...LOL