Thursday, July 31, 2008

Class Photos

Here are few of Haley's class photos that I put together this week. The 7th Grade one was fun because I used double sided paper and the other side of that sheet is birthday paper! Funny huh? Lately I have gotten myself in the habit of thinking outside the box. I have been looking in all sections of the scrapbook store for paper. I loved the graffiti type stars and the colors looked good with her class photo. I mean they are wearing their uniforms so you gotta be a little creative with the paper colors! Title was cut with my Alphalicious Cricut cartridge and I scribbled in white and green to try to match the stars then I added some diamond like gem stones to give it a little bit of bling. A girl's gotta have her bling doesn't she?

The second lay out is one that I did at the Yoder retreat. As my friend Mary pointed out the 6th Grade title on this one kinda blended into the paper so when I got home I added some squiggly white lines with my gel pen again...gotta love that pen huh? The ruler on the left edge is a sticker...pretty cool how it looks real though.

Thanks for peekin in! Tomorrow is Friday already...didn't this week go fast?

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Senior Pictures

Here is another group of layouts that I did at Yoder. These are Whitney's senior pictures from 2004. I love this paper. My good buddy Mary helped me pick out this paper. I didn't do much with embellishing because the paper was so neat and I didn't want to over do it because I really wanted the focus to be Whitney. Most of this paper is something that I normally wouldn't have picked out but I thought it was great for the colors in the photo as well as the fact that that it was senior pictures. The pictures really don't do the layouts justice but you get the idea.
I had a long day today. I worked at the bank and then headed over to Scrapbook Garden to teach a class. What a great group of gals! We had fun, however I am tired. I decided to have a glass of wine...or three...but who's counting? Any way I have this wine in the box. Have you ever tried that? Yeah...well I thought it was pretty funny but apparently there are a lot of people that drink wine from the box. This stuff is pretty darn good. You should try it. Anyway thanks for peeking in. Hope you are having a good week thus far!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scrapbook Retreat

Hi friends! It seems like a long time since I last blogged. First off I want to thank you for your thoughts, prayers and asking how Mike is doing. He was released from the hospital last Monday. He had to stay primarily because they were trying to get his blood to a level they felt comfortable with. He will be on Coumidon for probably about a year as this seems to be the only thing that works for him. He is doing great considering going through another heart cath. After I got him home it was back to working on getting things ready for my scrapbook retreat in Yoder Ks. Woohoo we had a great time! 13 hours of pure scrap fun! The meals were excellent and our hostess was a wonderful lady. I managed to complete 30 pages! I was so proud of myself! The layouts above were a few of my favorites. Stay the next few days I will have pictures to post. We all took our camera's and I think some of my pals got a few shots I want to post for you all to see. Thanks for checkin in on us! Hope you are having a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update on my hubby...

Well it has been a long day today but a good one. We got to the Heart Hospital at 8 am after all the paper work and prepping for the "procedure" he got in the heart cath lab at 10:30 but there was still one person in front of him so the doc didn't actually begin until a little after 11 am. By 11:45 doc came out to visit with us and told us that he did have some restriction of blood flow in the lower arterial, however the problem was an area above his stints. There was a blockage that wasn't there the last time they went in the day of his heart attacks. He said that he thought this blockage was caused by all the trauma and everything he went through the day of the heart failure so they stinted him today. So he now has 6...yes that's right...6 stints. He hit the recovery room and shortly after that I went to sit with him. He was able to get up and move around about 7 hours after the procedure. I called to check with his nurse tonight before this post and she said that he is resting and doing very well. As long as everything goes well tonight they said I will be able to bring him home tomorrow before lunch!!! Wooohoo!
Thank you for your sweetness, thoughts and prayers. This time things went so smooth! I feel very good about things this time around and I am very positive about the outcome.
Thanks for checkin' in on us. Hugs to you all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hi friends!

Well tomorrow is the big day. We are off to see the cardiologist at 8 am for the "procedure". When Mike had his treadmill test last month they discovered a restriction of blood flow in the lower arterial. So we have to go in and have another heart catheter done to find out what is causing this. They said if they need to stint him again they will do it while they are checking things out. Please keep us in your prayers. The procedure doesn't take that long so we should know some thing by 9 am. The thing that takes the longest is keeping your legs flat and straight for 4-6 hours so the blood will clot at the site where they go in so you can get up and walk around. He is still on all the meds he was sent home from the hospital on including one that helps heart arrhythmia so we shouldn't be doing any of that going into v-fib tomorrow. Don't worry about mom is going to be with me so I won't be alone. Thank the Lord for her :) I keep telling myself that it will all be fine because if the Lord wanted to take him then he would have done it in April. We have work to do!
I will keep you posted! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My sister

Hey gals...hope your weekend has been an enjoyable one. I helped my sister start up her own blog this weekend!! She has been taking pictures for a while now and really enjoys it. She is pretty darn good too! Any way I just wanted to get the word out that she had a blog...go to her blog here and check her stuff out! Thanks for peeking in today!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You & Me

Here is a clip board that I made for a co-workers birthday. She is in her early 20's and loves pink and black. She just moved into a new apartment and I thought this would be a fun display in her new place. She has black furniture so I thought it might work...and even if it doesn't it is still cute! Everything is from Hobby Lobby except the 12x12 clipboard and the enormous ric rac, I purchased them at Scrapbook Garden. I used my ATG gun to secure the paper to the board...that stuff is not going to budge!
Last night we watched The Bucket List...what a great movie. You laugh and cry all the way through! There is such a good message to it though. Mike usually falls asleep through most movies especially if we are curled up on the couch after a long day but he really enjoyed this movie too.
Thanks for checkin in on me...have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Pink Stampers Challenge

The Pink Stamper has a challenge on her blog that I thought would be fun. She had this great idea to use up your scrap paper to make a card. Well here it is. All but the base of the card are scrap pieces of paper. And the stamp is one of my newest little bella girls. I got it because my girls play golf and I thought it would be fun to use as an accent piece in some of their golf scrapbook pages as well as for cards. The inside is stamped with a saying that goes "Hope you have a Happy Birdie" cute huh? I have a huge box that is full of patterned paper scraps just waiting for the day when I will make a card with them. I really try to look there first before I cut up a new sheet if possible. Sometimes that is so dang hard though because there is so much "rad" paper out there!
Funny, last night I was watching the last episode of the Batchlorette and the guy she picked (and I was not happy with her choice LOL!) kept saying that's so RAD man! I just laughed...I haven't heard that word in so long. Reminds me of high school! I am such a nerd.
Ok sorry about that side bar! Hope your havein' a great week thus far...keep smilin'!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th everyone! We always celebrate my sister in-law's birthday on the 4th of July because the family is all together, her birthday is actually the 2nd though. I thought it would be fun to use patriotic colors given the holiday today. I used the crayon resist technique on parts of the cup cake then I added a touch of glitter embossing to make it stand out. I added the happy birthday on the side by using silver embossing. Have you ever had one of those moments where you were on a roll with an idea? That was me this morning with this card. I was so stoked up I was ready to keep on truckin' to the next thing...but I couldn't because we had to hit the road. scrapping fun will have to wait for another day.
I have a couple of movies to watch this weekend. We signed up for Netflix not too long ago and can I just share with you how cool that program is? It is so nice not to worry about late fees! Any one else have that issue? Well anyway we just got Fools Gold and The Bucket List. I will let you know how they turn out. Well hope you have had a happy and safe 4th. Talk to you soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This little bunny stamp has been on my Amuse Artstamps wishlist for a while now so I thought what the heck it's time! So naturally I thought I would ink this little guy up tonight. The first card design I got from Amy Rysavy...the girl has some serious talent! On the second card I used some stickles on the flower centers and the little cotton tail. I really like stickles they come in a ton of different colors and I do have a few but I always seem to gravitate towards the crystal ice one. Any who...thanks for checkin in tonight. Hope your week is going super speedy...cruzin' towards a 3 day weekend!