Monday, January 5, 2009

Giving Thanks

Hi friends. How ya be today? I have to say was pretty spoiled with all those holidays the past few weeks! Someone stopped by my office this morning and asked how we were all doing this Monday morning and one of my coworkers said "'s a 5 day work week and its Monday"! Ain't it just the truth? I tell ya!

Here is a page layout that I finished up this weekend...Thanksgiving 2007 at my folks house. I just love the close up of Mike and I because he has this look on his face like he loves me...*big sigh* sure do love that guy! I used the Cricut Tear Drop cartridge for the title and the patterned paper is by Daisy D's. Unfortunately Daisy D's has gone out of business...too bad because I really liked their stuff!

Have you all made your New Year's resolutions? I make the same one every year...exercise more! Hopefully I will be able to do it though because we got a treadmill for Christmas. So far I have been on it every day except for 3 since we got it on the 27th. Not too bad huh? Now let's just see if I can keep it up. I mainly got it because Mike needs to exercise every day.


Kimpossible said...

I love it!!! What a beautiful layout!

I made my resolutions but Im not getting anywhere on it-exercise more and eat less!!! LOL


Enuk's Mom said...

Beautiful layout

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