Monday, January 12, 2009

Time for Tea

Well here we are on Monday again, however I am thankful that the day went quick. Don't you love it when that happens? We are watching the Bachelor tonight. I admit have have a small sickness...I love the shows the Bachelor & American Idol...which is on tomorrow night. So as Mike puts's a couch potato week!

I have some great news. Mike had a check up with the heart doctor today and he said that his heart looks pretty much 100% now and that as long as everything keeps on this track that he doesn't see why he can't stop the Coumidon in April!!!!! This is such great news! Thank you for all of your prayers!

So on to this layout. These photos are from a day that my mom and I took the girls to the tea room for lunch one Saturday afternoon. We had such a good time and the girls loved trying on different hats! The title was cut from the Jasmine Cricut cartridge and the fun little heart flower was cut from A Walk In My Garden cartridge. The rub ons were all from Stampin Up. I am not sure what line the paper is from I have had it for so long I can't remember. See...using up the old stuff...feels so good to do that!

Well thanks for peeking in. Hope you have a great Tuesday and that it breezes right on by!


Sarah :) said...

First of all, how EXCITING is that news about Mike!!! What an amazing answer to prayer! Give him a hug for all of us!

Waytago using up that old paper! It is such a great feeling (one I've only discovered recently but at least I have experienced it *haha*). I like the colorblocking effect you used. That used to be like my favorite technique but looking at your page I realized I hadn't done it in a while. Hmmm...maybe it's time to resurrect an old friend! :)

Whimsey said...

Oh wow; the news on Mike is SUCH A GOD-SEND!!! God is so good; thrilled to read the fabulous report!

Love the scrapbook pages, I just need to hire you to do mine; or my kids' photos will all still be in boxes when they're grown and married!!


Enuk's Mom said...

Wow...that is great news on year anniversary of the dreadful day. I hope things continue to go in the right direction.
Cool layout. How long ago was that? The girls look young. I miss going to that place. Are they still open?

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