Monday, February 2, 2009

Sidney's 8th Birthday

Here is a layout that I did this weekend. Still playing catch up...this was from 2006. It feels so good to get this layout done! I used Bobunny Double Dot for the background and the patterned paper is Creative Imaginations. The titling was done with foam Thickers and the flowers are Heidi Swapp ghost shapes. I painted them with acrylic paint then used a circle punch to punch out some of the flowers for the center design. To top the flowers off I used some diamond glaze to give it that glassy look and when it was dry broke it up a bit to give it that cracked glass look.

I am working on my Valentine cards now. I have the layout done and finished one sample so all I have to do is put them together. But I am having this issue with time. Why is it that that always happens?

Today I went to a funeral for a co-worker. She worked on the same floor, not directly with me. It was so sad. She suffered from an eating disorder and that is what took her life. She was in her late 40's. So sad. I wonder what it is that makes a woman feel so bad about her image that she would hurt her body like that? I know there were many that felt like they should have done more, but I know that those around her tried to get her to get help on many occasions. You can't force someone to get help, they have to want it. But it still doesn't change that question in your mind...could I have done something? If you are reading my post scroll down to the bottom where my music is and click on the song Freckles. Listen to it. It is such a positive song about self image.
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Sarah :) said...

Very cute!! Isn't that the paper that matches the Hula Penguins! I have that paper...yet to use it. So cute though!

I am really, really sad to hear about the woman from your work. What so shocking to me is her age! I think we always assume those kinds of "issues" only effect teenage girls but clearly she was still suffering. :(

(P.S. I love "Freckles!" Natasha Bedingfield is an awesome songwriter.)

Enuk's Mom said...

What an awesome song.

Yes, very sad about her situation. Strange that she was in such denial as we none of us knew the situation, but yet she chose to continue. Death is not the answer to her insecurity, but it certainly got her in the end. So sad for her husband and family that they too were in denial about the whole thing. I hope that they will take her death as a learning situation and maybe speak out about it to others.