Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She's a Betty...

Here is a LO I did last week on break of Sidney. This wash the year she got her Easy Bake Oven. She made us chocolate chip cookies. Our little doggie (Gabby) wanted one so bad. She just sat there staring at us licking her chops. Yep...I am still playing catch up, these pics were from 2005. I just signed up (with the help of Nikki) today for Get Scrappy. A scrap fundraiser put on to benefit the YWCA. I can only go on Friday night (3/29) but I am getting ready now...I want to get a bunch done. Keep your fingers crossed! Take care...tomorrow is already Wednesday!


Enuk's Mom said...

Very cool, she is alittle baker that's for sure. Pic of Gabby is hilarious...I want some too...LOL

emily said...

that is a weird first comment...is that one of those virus things going around? i've had them a couple times...seriously, do people have anything better to do?
these layouts are great...and to answer your question about my layouts...when i take a pic of them, i tape them to my white wall, where the light comes in strongly, so i don't have to use a flash. i take a picture and then crop and edit them in picasa. it's a free download off the internet.
hope that helps...i also have a nice camera, so that may help with the "clear" issue that you asked about :)
have a GREAT easter!!!