Thursday, April 5, 2007

School Pages

Well...I have so many different photos of the girls at school through out the school year I decided to make a memory album for each one. Every school year is just a little bit different. Some years I have several pics from different activities and other years all I have is the traditional 8x10 school photo and the class photo. But at least they are organized by year. I try to choose colors of paper that enhance the color of clothing they are wearing and sometimes I add a flower or different stickers just to add a bit of "bling". I try to remember important things that happened that year so I can journal a bit on each page. The girls get so excited when I finish another page for their book. It is fun to sit back and look at how much they have changed! Sheesh...they grow up too fast!!!

Thanks for stoping in! ~T

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Lynette said...

Your blog is so bright and colorful. Your work looks great.