Sunday, April 22, 2007

Slumber Party

What a crazy weekend we have had here! We celebrated Haley's birthday this weekend with a slumber party! Whew...trying to keep up with 4 pre-teen girls is a barrel of monkeys! I made sure we had a plan for the evening so they didn't get too out of hand. We took a lot of pictures and I had them scrapbook their own board book as a memento from the party. I think they all had a pretty good time. They were a good group of girls. Here are a couple of photos, one being the hour of mud masks and all! Thanks for stopping in. Have a great evening! Toni


Lynette said...

You give such great girl parties. I don't know of anyone who does as good as you do at this.

Lady Di said...

You are such a great mom. Your girls are so lucky to have a wonderful person in their lives. enjoy them because they will be grown too soon!!@

Whimsey said...

Adorable! So far, I've escaped any slumber parties for the girls - LOL!!