Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home For A Visit

Mike's son moved to Seattle a little over a year ago. He came home for a week the first part of September. He is doing well. I think he has adjusted to life in Seattle pretty well. It was good to see him. It is always hard when he goes back home. Mike didn't go to the airport to see him off but he did call him, I think it was too hard. Mike was pretty quiet most of the evening. Maybe the kid will call a little bit more often...ya think? We'll see. Thanks for peeking in, have a good evening!


Whimsey said...

Hi there! So who is everybody in the picture?? Seattle is a long ways away!!! That would be hard! Great to hear from you. Nope; not doing any craft fairs; just too busy and not up to it. :) Are you? How's business going? Hugs!!

Lynette said...

We always get depressed when we have company, family or not, and they go home. I am so exited for you and Mike that Thomas and Whitney are doing so well.