Friday, February 22, 2008


I was cleaning my scrapbook room tonight and came across this picture of my grandpa. This picture reminds me of so many things about him. Of coarse this was a picture of a much younger man then I remember...I can see why grandma fell in love with him! He was so hard working, never afraid to try something new. He lived in a small town all his life, raised his family in one too. I always remember as a kid getting butterflies in my stomach the closer we got to grandma and grandpa's farm house. They lived 5 hours away from us and it was a real treat to spend time with them. They were always so happy to see us when we came and when it was time to go they would stand in their drive way and watch us drive away until they couldn't see our car any more. What I wouldn't give to spend some time with them again. Oh the conversations we could have! If you still have a grandparent cherish every moment you have left with them...they are a beautiful blessing.

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Enuk's Mom said...

That is so awesome. Memories no matter what are photographs in our mind. I didn't know either of my grandpa's, they both died when I was 1 and 3.