Monday, February 11, 2008

Memories Frame

I found this great frame at Kohl's on sale before Christmas. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it I just needed things to simmer down from Christmas a bit. This is a photo of Mike when he was a little boy...yep...that's me to the right...ain't we cute? I finishd this last night and when I showed Mike he got teared up...he is so sweet...he probably won't like it that I told the world he got teared up...oh well! Besides women love to hear that kinda stuff! My photo was from the 70's and we all know they used crappy paper back then so I had to photoshop my pic before it was suitable for the frame. Well, I am off to finish another project and tuck the kiddos in bed.


Lynette said...

Ahhh, Ohhhh. That is cute. I should do something like that, but we are really old. Like Antiques!

I really do like your new header. It fits you just right.

Enuk's Mom said...

I love that's so neat.

emily said...

what a great frame!!