Monday, August 11, 2008 August?

Well, not really this is what I picked to scrapbook last night. This picture was taken at the girls school in December of 2005. They had a school event and The Clauses stopped in for a photo op. I used fascinator staples, the Christmas variety, to staple on the edges of the white then tied some red ribbon between each staple.
We finished up some school shopping today... why is it that tennis shoes are so darn expensive even on sale? I just can't seem to get out of the store with out spending $100 these days! There are certain times of the year that my checkbook runs away from me and that is usually August and December! Any way... the rest of the day we scrapbooked in the back room at Scrapbook Garden East. It was a nice way to spend a day with the girls before they head back to school next Monday. Well's to ya havin' a good week this week!


Julie Hieger said...

i love the layout! haley and sidney were so cute!

Sarah :) said...

You aren't in any way implying that we should be scrapbooking something that's relevant to the current season...ARE YOU?!? Cause I'm in big trouble if that's the case. ;)

Very cute! Wish I would have been at the store when you and your girls were. Sounds fun!

Whimsey said...

You are on a roll getting these scrapbook pages done; way to go!!! I'll have mine waiting for you when you finish yours. LOL