Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Driving Range

Here are a few pictures of my girls at the driving range on Saturday afternoon. Both of them have played Jr. Golf every summer for the last 5 years at Rolling Hills. This year they are both in 9 holes! I am so proud of them! They really seem to enjoy the game and sometimes they even go out and golf with Mike in the evenings! Unfortunately I am not a real "sporty" person so they have to tell me what everything means. They come home from playing a round and they said I did this or I did that and I have to ask "Is that good?" They laugh and say yes mom...it means...LOL!

We have been very busy working in our yard this year and for some reason we have had a real issue with algae in our pool. Mike just loves the pool and has been working on this "GREEN BEAST" for several weeks. It doesn't help that we have had so much rain the past few weeks either! The pool store where we buy our chemicals told us that we needed to suck the old sand out of the filer and put new sand in. Doesn't sound too tricky huh? WRONG! There is 300 pounds of wet sand in the filter that we sucked out until midnight last night. Good times. By the end we were both so tired and it seemed a bit strange that we spent so much time sucking the sand out just to put new sand back in. In case you are wondering the sand acts as a filter and filters out all the junk. This sand was yucky and smelly so that made the job even more fun. However I did get a lot of satisfaction out of the fact that we did it together in the heat and didn't get mad or short with each other once. Hopefully in a few days we will be back to having some clear water! But all these little outdoor projects have kept me very busy so I haven't been posting very many crafty projects lately. I am working on a layout so maybe this week yet we will have some good crafty stuff to look at!

I took my oldest for an Orthodontics consultation today. Can I just tell you that after we left there I was sick to my stomach about how expensive braces are! Holy COW! We have school enrollments coming up very soon and Haley's is going to be very expensive...first year of High School! I am not sure how I am going to swing braces but I am thinking that we will push the appointment back to October to get them put on.

GRANDBABY UPDATE: Well we are now having contractions as of today. The actual due date is tomorrow. The contractions are very sporadic so we are probably in the beginning stages. I will keep you posted! I am very excited to take pictures. When my kids were born I wasn't a scrapbooker yet so I have all these creative photo ideas now!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings! Hope you stay cool in this warm summer weather!


JoEtta Zabel said...

The girls are so photogenic not matter what they are doing.
Probably not a bad idea to push back the Ortho date. I'm excited to see pics of baby when she gets here. If I'm in SC when she comes, you have to call me.

Lynette said...

Two words: Golf Scholarships