Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi friends! How are you this evening? What a nice evening to just sit out and enjoy the peace and quiet! We have been so busy around here lately! With the school year wrapping up just around the corner there are plenty of school activities that have been keeping us busy and the girls birthdays are so close together so April and May are always busy with that and then there's mothers day! Speaking of mother's day...I have had a total of 55 orders for mother's day cards! I was so excited and surprised at the same time! Last Saturday I didn't have anything going on (if you can imagine that) and thought I would begin working on all the cards. I thought with the whole day I should be able to crank the cards out...I even had all my sketches ready to go. Would you believe that I had absolutely NO creative mojo what so ever? It was so weird. I was so mad! Then Sunday morning rolls around (we weren't going to church until that evening) so I got up and said my morning prayers and asked the Lord to please have mercy and help me! He answered my prayers because I finished 22 cards by late afternoon on Sunday! Here are a few cards that were part of that group.

I used a fabulous new stamp set that I got from Verve Visual...wonderful online store.

The "Happy Mother's Day" used on this card was also from Verve Visual but it is sold by itself.

All of the Mother's Day cards I made thus far have been done with paper I already had in my stash. Is that good...or sick that I have that much paper. After I stopped working at the scrapbook store I realized how much stuff I had that I hadn't even started to use and I decided that it was simply greedy to keep buying and not using it up. I always thought that I had to have the most current paper designs to keep up with the trends. While it is nice to get the new stuff coming out people that don't scrapbook or paper craft, that buy my cards, don't know if the paper is from this year or 4 years ago...and I haven't had any complaints on the cards yet!

Well thanks for peekin in friends! Hope you have a great weekend! ~Toni


Whimsey said...

Holy mackerel - 55 cards? That's amazing, incredible, awesome, fabulous!!!

I had 6 and it took all I had to get THOSE done - how do you do it?

Love your creations; each mom will be delighted - they are beautiful and feminine!!

Nikki said...

Love the cards! You are awesome!