Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Cards & Birthdays...

Hi friends...how you doing? The weather here has been so beautiful for the last week! I love it! I have been doing very well getting my walking exercise in almost every day...hopefully just talking about it won't jinx me and I will keep it up! I would love to shed about 10 pounds...just wanna be a little happier me...know what I mean?

It has been so busy around here lately with the girls birthdays and school activities and ...do you remember that basement bathroom project I started several weeks ago? I decided to tile the bathroom floor? Yep, well I called my dad to come over and help me with cutting the tile around those tricky parts then we pulled the toilet up to tile nicely around that area and well nothing ever goes as planned in this old house...needless to say things broke and we had to get a few new pieces. Dad and I thought we could fix it but after fiddling with the toilet for the whole day we decided to call a plumber friend of the family and he worked us in and was able to come out tonight and put everything together! Yay! Now all I need to do is fix up the walls and we are good to go! I will take pictures when I finish.

Now onto some creative fun. Here are a few more Mother's Day cards that I put together this week. This is still the same stamp set I purchased from Verve Visual...it's called Because of You...such a beautiful set! Even though I bought it for Mother's Day cards I can see how versatile this set would be to use for other cards too. This first card was fairly simple the time consuming part was cutting all the little petals out for the flowers but they really make the card, don't cha think? I used the Giga and Mega Marvy large punches for the circle and scallop.

I think I am going to make this next card for my mom for Mother's Day. She saw it laying there on the floor and she said I love that! I am sure your mother really shouldn't pick out her mother's day card but what the heck! At least I will know that she likes it!

Here are a few pictures from Haley's birthday. I can't believe that she is 15! I blinked and she turned into a beautiful young woman. I remember when she used to play dress up and play with baby dolls!

Dad got her first pair of golf shoes...you think she was happy?  LOL!

Here are pictures from Sidney's birthday, she just turned 12! I can't believe she is almost a teenager! She cracks me up...she is so crafty like me. She made the invitations for her party to hand out at school.

We were so lucky because Whitney and Lena were here for Sidney's birthday!  Here is a picture of Angelina having a big cookie with frosting!  Momma wasn't too sure about all this mess!

Thanks for peekin' in my friends.  Hope you are having a great week so far!  Take care of you!

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Whimsey said...

Your cards are adorable; love the color combos! Nothing wrong with mom picking out her card - you're right, she'll get EXACTLY what she likes! :D

BEAUTIFUL pictures; I cannot believe how big your girls are getting - WOW; and so very pretty!!

Hope you have a great week!!!