Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catchin' Up...

Hi there my friends! It has been a few weeks since I blogged and I thought I better touch base with you! I was recently able to participate in the PJ Crop out at Scrap Funattic...they just moved to a bigger store just down the road from where they used to be and I love it! They have a lot more room and so you you know what that means right??? That's right! more scrappin' goodness for us! While I was there I finished 6 pages for Angelina's book. You see friends I am trying to play catch up and get as much done for her book as I can before her birthday. Whitney and Thomas are both coming home very soon! We are so excited and what is even more exciting is that we will all be able to celebrate Angelina's first birthday together...and all the Johnson family too! We are going to have so much fun!

So check this are a few pages that I finished at the crop. This first page are pictures that I took last July. Whitney was looking at Angelina and talking to her and Lena was so focused on what mom was doing she wouldn't take her eyes off her! She almost tried to talk back to her! What a crack up!

Here are a few sweet pictures of Grampa holding his little "nibblet" as he calls her. My goodness she has changed a bunch since these pictures!

Scrap Funattic had these fun little fabric circles...I can't remember the name for them right off hand but I guess quilters use them...I thought they were the perfect touch for this page layout. Do you like the pink little stick pins? They had these in a little package for $.50 I little embelly for cheap!

Well thanks for peekin' in and checking in on me! I have been working on Father's Day cards. I found this great little slab of boy paper with the perfect colors and have been trying to make up some cards. It is so hard for me to make masculine cards! I am so used to making pink frilly cards...but now that my mojo is going a little bit it should get a little easier! Can you believe that Father's Day is only a week away? Sheesh...where does the time go?
Talk to you soon!

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Whimsey said...

Super cute; I can't believe she's turning 1 already.

BTW, when you are at Scrap Fun*Attic, you are about 15 minutes from my home!!!

I have NEVER attended a crop night, you know me, I'd rather make cards, but seriously, how do you take everything you will need? I'm forever rummaging through my craft room looking for this or that, etc.?

Great work as always!! Have a great weekend; hugs!