Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

Well it's here...summer that is! It's already the middle of June and Father's Day weekend. Here are a few of the Father's Day cards that I made for a few of my customers. All of the stamps on these cards were purchased at Verve Visual. Great gals over there and quick with the shipping too! I was having such a hard time coming up with ideas for masculine cards and when I went to their web site to look around they had all these great layout ideas! If you ever get stuck for what to do head over to their web site and check them out!

Do you like the edges of the square with the sentiment on the card above? Remember those deckle edge scissors from EK? Yeah...blast from the past right? I thought they added just the right touch and then I inked the edges. See...I am going to be a trend want to go dig these scissors out and cut paper don't you?

What else would make a card more masculine than "screw" brads? Makes you want to go "ARRR" just like Tim the Toolman Taylor doesn't it?

We have been busy little bee's here at our house today. Our grand-daughter will be turning 1 this week and we are having the whole family over to celebrate with a cook out and pool party. My good friend at work is making the cake for me...she is awesome with decorating and our theme is Tinkerbell! So today in order to get ready for all the festivities I washed out decks...manually! I don't have a power sprayer and didn't want to spend the money to rent one so I bought the deck wash and scrubbed myself. Man was I a picture...I was in my swimming suit, yellow rubber gloves up to my elbows and hot pink tennis shoes...can anyone say hot mama? LOL! Needless to say with it as hot as it was today I jumped in the pool when I finished the chore. Feel much better now and am going to focus on the inside of the house. Mike and I need to put the mirror up in the basement bathroom and that room will finally be finished. Can you believe how long it took us to finish that bathroom up? Oh well at least it is done now right?

I am making some serious progress on Angelina's album and hope to finish it up this week before the party, so stay tuned as I will be posting pictures of pages as I can. Next week I will have tons of photos from the party so that should be fun too...who can resist looking at a cutie patootie eating cake in a diaper? Not this grandma!

Happy Father's day to all the dads in your life! Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friends! Till next time! ~Toni

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Whimsey said...

Nice work my friend!! I see you own a Verve set I do not. :D tee hee

Hope your day is filled to the top with fun, family, laughter...and food!