Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beautiful girl

Hi friends! I wanted to share this sweet picture with you of our little sweet pea! The girls were in town a few weeks back because of a family wedding and I caught a few snapshots of Angelina. I just love her dress! My sister in-law picked it up for her...isn't it just precious? This next picture of of Angelina resting on Mama in between getting M & M's and laughing at her aunt and uncle! Babies just light up your life don't they? You can be having the worst day ever and they can just smile or give you a hug and it's all better! Isn't that great?

One of my girlfriends is coming over tomorrow to scrapbook and I am hoping to continue on with Angelina's book. Hopefully I will put a dent in the rest of the stuff I need to finish. I don't have much going on this weekend so I thought I would work on my scrapbooking and catch up a little! Thanks for peekin' in friend. Where ever you are I hope you have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!


Whimsey said...

Oh my, I am just STUNNED at how big Angelina is; so, so very precious!!!

Lynette said...

We didn't make much of a dent in our scrapping last night, but it certainly was fun. Thanks for having me over.