Friday, February 11, 2011

Are we feelin' the love yet?

Hi there crafty little buddies! Are we happy that it's Friday? I sure am! Let me tell you...I had a ton of orders to fill before today. I really didn't know that my cards would go over so well! You are going to think I am nuts but I stayed up until 2:30 this morning completing my orders! I know...4 hours of sleep! I already told the family that I am turning in early tonight...after all a girl has to get her beauty sleep doesn't she?
Here are another couple of fun digi stamps from Whimsie Doodles. I gotta say I am really impressed with their designs. They are so cute! I think that I like digi stamps better than digi scrappin' because you can still cut, color and embellish digi stamps. Plus with Whimsie Doodles you just pay and download your stamp right waiting for that darn mail!
Any ways, here is a fun little card my intent was to make something that would be nice for a boy or maybe teacher. I saw an example of this card on the Whimsie Doodle web page and thought it was so cute how they used the silver brad to give it that real propeller look!

Isn't this owl just the cutest? I had so much fun coloring this little owl in different shades. The heart background is from the Fancypants line and it has so many fun colors you just can't go wrong using any color combination. The little verse on the card came along with the owl as a set. I really learned a lot about how to use my Copic markers with shading and so forth. Once you get the hang of using the markers they are a blast!

I have to share my new addiction with you. Back on New Year's day one of the cable channels was running an all day marathon of Dallas. Do you remember that show? The first season aired in 1978 so I certainly wasn't old enough to watch it but it went on for 13 years and I do remember my grandparents watching the show every Friday night. So Mike and I sat down and watched it all day on New Year's and I decided to Netflix the entire series! Is that crazy or what? It is so funny to see some of the outfits that were popular or how they wore their hair. Some of the acting isn't the best either but I can see how they kept you tuned in every week. I am currently in season 3 and just about to the episode of "Who Shot JR?" Sick isn't it? Oh well I am sure we all have some weird little obsession!
Thanks for peekin' in tonight! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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