Sunday, March 25, 2007


I took a great class out at Rivercity Rubber Stamps last Friday. The gals that own that place are so much fun! In this class we made a unique display album. The coasters are 4x4 in size, we covered them with paper, mostly scraps left over from other projects, then connected them with hinges, add a few ribbons or fibers and've got a cute way to display your favorite photos. Rivercity Rubber Stamps makes their own rubber stamps on site. They have unique little stamps you just don't find anywhere. The best part about their classes is they offer a discount on anything that you buy the night of your class. Check them out they are a lot of fun!

Thanks for stoping in!


Lynette said...

Yours is so much prettier than mine is. I just couldn't make the colors and design work, but the project is a good one.

Whimsey said...

TOO cute! I so want to stop by River City...just haven't done it yet. Looks like I need to put that on my agenda and make myself go....then I'll blame you for enabling me to spend money. LOL