Sunday, June 22, 2008


Hey gals it's been a few days since I updated my blog. I have had quite a bit going on now that summer is here. Taking the kids here and there. Doesn't seem like there is enough time in the day let alone enough time to get down to my scrapbook room...which needs some attention big time! Here is a little card that I made for one of my mother's sisters. She found out not too long ago that she has Celiac Disease. The only think that I know about it is that you can not eat things with gluten in them...which is pretty much everything. Any how I have been a frequent shopper of about all the health food stores in town because of Mike's new diet and I found a lemon poppy seed gluten free muffin mix and some snack crackers so I thought I would send her a little "I'm thinking of you" package. You don't realize what a headache shopping for food can be until you can't eat a lot of things. So any way I am going to pop this card and goodies in the mail to her tomorrow. I hope they are good!

Here's an exciting piece of news! There is a SAWEET little house in Yoder Kansas that is a scrapbook retreat house and some friends and I are going to go for the day next month to crop. Don't you think that would be a blast!!! I am really looking forward to it. It is pretty inexpensive...$35 for a 13 hour crop and that includes 2 meals, snacks and drinks. And one of the best parts is the food...all made by the Amish folks...can you say yum-o? I will keep you posted as we get closer to this extremely fun day!

Thanks for peekin' in...have a great week!


Enuk's Mom said...

OK, trying this comment thing 3 times now (wouldn't save)My mom had Celiac Sprue, so I can relate to the FUN food. When it was discovered that she had it, only 1 doc in Wichita even knew anything about it, so finding food etc was so they know more about it and there are even cookbooks, etc for Gluten Free cooking and much more variety in health food stores. I have several cousins who have the disease also. We are all supposed to be checked, but none of us have because we're chicken and don't want to change to that kind of food limitations. One of my brothers and I think that he and I may have it. We were told that any of us could have it, or it could skip to our kids or their kids. After the med's and food limitations began to take effect on my mom, she said she felt better then she had in 30 years, so she probably had it for alot of years.
As for your retreat, you guys will have so much fun and the know it will be good.

Lynette said...

Could I invite myself to Yoder too?

Whimsey said...

Can you believe that is the ONLY picture of me since giving birth to 3 kids and growing to be as large as a cow? :(

I took the picture myself and never thought I'd add it to my blog and didn't think anyone else would notice, but they did. Thanks for the kind words!!

Hope Mike continues to do well.

Hugs, ~M.

Robyn said...

Really cute card!! Have fun at your retreat!!! Where is it in Kansas?? We are about two hours South of the border in OKC. That sounds like a lot of fun!