Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crazy Spring Weather

What strange weather we are having here in Kansas! Yesterday afternoon we had a snow storm come through and has finally stopped snowing and sleeting about 2 hours ago! In fact the sun is out and it is starting to melt! Here are a few photos I took from our house.

This is a view of the snow coming down from our front porch. I thought it was cool how I could get the snow falling! This is with my new camera...if I haven't mentioned...I LOVE IT!

Here is our doggie Gabby. Some dogs love the snow...Gabby is not one of them. We have such a hard time getting her to go out to potty when the weather is bad.

This is by dear hubby Mike shoveling a path for our spoiled little meadow muffin to trot out and do her business! He looks so thrilled doesn't he? See the hat he's wearing? Sidney made that for him for Christmas...yes, it has a tassel on top! She made it in the WSU colors just for daddy!

I thought the ice was so pretty on the trees! Hopefully we won't lose power when the wind picks up!

This is a lighthouse that Mike got me for my birthday last year. I just thought this was a neat photo!
What does a scrapbooker do when it is crummy outside and you just want to stay in? Yup...scrapbook! I finished this page last night. Mike said that he liked it because it wasn't symmetrical like most of my other page layouts. I wish I could tell you what the plaid paper was but I have had it for so long I don't remember...ah but that's good because I am using up what I have! The layout idea came from an idea book called Page Maps. This is a great book if you are looking for one page layouts that use several different sheets of paper for dimension and texture. The title is done with rub ons from Creative Imaginations.

Here is a close up of the tag. I created it using the these tag punches from SU. I love them because they give you the ability to layer. Finally to set the the tag off I used a little bit of green ribbon and stapled it into place.

Sometimes it is really hard to find the right sticker or embellishment for your project and I couldn't find anything relating to roasting marshmallows so I got out my old paper piecing program by Kayla's Kreations and made this little guy. Above is a photo of the program. I bought it several years back at a local scrapbook store, and I know they don't carry this line there anymore, but I have found them on line here so check em out if you please.

Thanks for peekin' in on me! Hope you are having a warm snugly weekend!


Sarah :) said...

Gabby is such a cutie!! I think that's the first photo I've seen of her. I'm sorry she doesn't like the snow - at least it will be gone soon! :)

Your S'mores page is way cute! I'd forgotten about good ol' Kayla's Kreations. Glad you thought of it cause that marshmallow on a stick is just perfect.

Michelle said...

Gabby looks like she could be Daisy's sister!

I really liked your lighthouse photo and I love the hat Sidney made Mike and the fact that he's wearing it proudly! What a great family you have!

Kimpossible said...

Very beautiful family!!! Very cute doggie!! My Sparky doesn't do snow either. I love your S'mores page, Ive never heard of that Kayla's Kreations, I love the stick and marshmallow, very cute!

Enuk's Mom said...

Awesome pictures, glad you like you new camera...gabby wabby looks so cute and yes Mike looks totally thrilled...LOL

twisted sista said...

Hey great pic's, there all good but, I especially like the weather pic's you have that creative eye too! Love ya!