Saturday, September 19, 2009

Girls Rock!

Hi friends! How are you this fine Saturday morning? I am doing fabulous! Got some cleaning done this morning and am in my scrapbook room for a while watching Gilmore Girls on the computer and typing up this blog post. I ask you, how can this day get any better?

Here is a two page layout that I finished last weekend when Lynette came over to scrapbook. These were softball pictures from one of Haley's games last year. I just love this totally rocks and the stickers matched perfect. I bought all of this stuff last year cuz I knew I would have these pictures to scrap so I can't remember what line this paper was from...sorry!

We have some Homecoming dress shopping to do today. That sounds fun huh? One of my friends from work is bringing some of her dresses by to see if there is anything that Haley would like to borrow and if we don't find the right one we are going to hit the stores! I still can't believe she is old enough to go to Homecoming! Seems like just yesterday she was in grade school!

Until next time my friend! Have a wonderful weekend!

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