Monday, September 14, 2009

Hip Hop Dance

Hi friends! In the words of Joey Tribbiani....How you doin?
I wanted to share this page with you. I love all the colors on this lay out. In July Mike and I took a well deserved weekend get away and I managed to do a little scrapbook shopping...that doesn't surprise you does it? I found this great dance paper by Moxie called Dance Fever and I knew the colors would work out great for the pictures I needed to scrap. Check out the little photos there on the side! Love it? Well, lately I have been using the heck out of my little printer. I just love what you can do with it and the fact that you can shrink your photos down a bit and fit them all on a page with out it looking congested. And the quality of the photo is fabulous! The pictures were all printed using my little Epson Picture Mate. The only draw back to this little printer is that if you don't use it for a while the ink tends to dry up a bit and you don't get as many photos out of the ink cartridge. But there is a simple fix for that...just do more scrappin' so you can print more photos!!

Ok, now before I end for this post I have to share some great news with you! Haley played in her first golf game for Carroll. She played 3 other girls and got the best out of 3! Super huh? I am so proud of her!

Thanks for peekin' in on me. Hope your having a great Monday!

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