Thursday, October 22, 2009

Envelope mini book

Hi friends! This is a class that I am doing for a lunch and learn at work. I have been teaching these little lunch and learn classes at work for a few years now and the ladies really seem to enjoy it. They bring their sack lunch and I show them how to make something scrappy over the lunch hour...sometimes we run a bit over but it's good to get out and do something fun at work every once in a while! I struggle to find projects that we can do in that short of time and I was so excited when this one worked out! It is so inexpensive to make and that is another nice thing...especially in this economy. Can you imagine the cool little books you could make for Christmas? Or just a fun little memory book? I made mine with photos of my grandparents. I wanted to jot down fun memories I have of them so that when I get older and forget things...which is already starting...I can flip through this book and say...hey I remember that! Plus my kids will have it to look back on too! I got this way cool idea from Marion at A Piece of Craft...check her blog out here. She does some really exciting stuff!

Here is the skinny on the project. You make this out of regular envelopes. You can either buy them or save the ones that you get in the mail with junk and huh? For my book I bought the regular sized bill envelopes and cut them in half. Then I sealed the sides so it makes a pocket that opens on the top. Here is the greatest part...are you ready??? NO MEASURING PAPER!! I love it! If you want step by step video instructions check Marion's video out here.

Can you believe another week has just about zipped by? I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. We went to parent teacher conferences tonight. This was my first time going to high school conferences. We stood in line for 40 minutes to talk to one teacher! Oh well it was worth it though! Have a great day tomorrow...hope everyone is feeling well at your place!


Whimsey said...

Way too cool; I am horrible at doing altered items; but this is so great!!!

Where do you hold the classes - do you have a place at work? What a great idea!

Have a good weekend!

Lynette said...

I like this little book a lot. It should be a real hit with your class people.

Marion said...

Ahw thanks! You are too sweet! I'm glad you're having fun with this mini, and super excited you're sharing it as well! Thanks again for the shout out!