Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friendship Bread

Hi friends! How are you doing this wonderful weekend? I have been busy as usual! I finished up my Christmas shopping today. I am so excited that I got that done! I have a very busy week next week and am hoping that the last 2 weeks before Christmas I can just enjoy with my family. I am working on making a couple of presents for family but other than that all I have to do is wrap Christmas presents and holiday bake with my girls! Speaking of baking...have you ever made Amish Friendship Bread? One of my friends gave me a bag of the mix and a few days later (because she had it for a while) it was ready for me to separate out and make. So I decided to make the chocolate chocolate chip bread in mini loaves. YUM-O! This is super yummy bread. And the best thing about it is all the different variations you can make. As you can see I have kept all four bags for myself. I am going to make lemon poppy seed, butterscotch and vanilla. Before I started making the bread I wanted to see if there was anything online about different variations of the bread. So I googled Amish Friendship Bread variations and found this really neat blog on fact I liked it so much I added it to my favorite blogs over there on the's called Mommy's Kitchen. Check her out she has got some great stuff!

Well thanks for peekin' in! I hope you get all your Christmas shopping done and have time to enjoy this blessed holiday season!


Whimsey said...

Oh my, those loaves look SCRUMPTIOUS!!! You have been VERY busy! I'm jealous you have your x-mas shopping done - I sure don't! :(

Hope you enjoy the weeks ahead with your loved ones. Hugs!

JoEtta Zabel said...

Very cool...I was given some of that mix from my brother a couple of years ago and I was a bad girl and never made it...had to toss it, so good for you for following through. Looks yummy