Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hi friends! Mike didn't end up coming home as I stated on my last post because his body wasn't responding to his medication, simply meaning that he was still at risk to develop a blood clot. So the doctor kept him in and ran numerous other tests and added Coumidon to the growing list of meds. Then a few days later they told us that he had a a blood clot that traveled through his heart and landed in his lungs. Then the doctor told us that it is really a miracle that he is still alive from this episode but simply everything else he had been through. (They called him an anomaly!) They did some tests to make sure that there weren't any blood clots developing in his legs and there weren't so that was good. They said the clot that went through his heart was left over from the initial heart attacks and had just been roaming around in his veins and eventually landed in his lungs. Sheesh...the Lord was watching over him! It just sends shivers down my spine! But we were dismissed on Friday evening and have been home resting since. I went ahead and took this week off too so that we could get settled in and get back into a routine. There are so many things to do. I had to get medications and start looking a new food options as we have to stick to a low sodium diet. Holy cow...there is a lot of sodium in things! So I will be heading back to work this coming Monday. He still won't be able to drive so I will have a series of friends and family checking in on him. God love him, he is doing so great. Just taking things one day at a time. Thank you all for your love and support! We couldn't have gotten through this with out it! Don't forget to give your loved ones an extra squeeze and remind them how important they are to you.
I will be posting some thank you cards soon. I have been working on them here and there through out the week. Thanks for checking in on us!


Enuk's Mom said...

We all love you guys too and this world wouldn't have been the same without Mike.

emily said...

keep us updated toni! you're in our thoughts!

emily said...

is it too creepy for me to ask for your address??
email me when you get a chance :)
thanks girl!

Whimsey said...

So glad you're home and getting settled; heart attack is my greatest fear with my hubby! And you know, it's tough changing eating habits and amazing when you learn all the 'junk' in the food huh? :)

Keep plugging away one day at a time; so glad God is faithful!!

Hugs, ~M.