Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun little book

Here is a little book that I put together for a friend at work because she had helped me work on a project and I appreciated her help so much. She has 2 grandsons and I thought she would like the colors of this new Bobunny paper. I used regular mailing envelopes for the base of this project and the last photo shows you the inserts that slide into the pocket of the envelope. I started working on this before Mike had his heart attack and put a few finishing touches on it last night. Needless to say she loved it!
Just to give you an update on our family...Mike is doing great! He's getting stronger every day. He can be up and about for longer periods of time with out getting so worn out. But we had a long talk tonight about doing too much too soon and wearing himself out. He has promised me that he is going to take things easy and really listen to his body. He gets to drive tomorrow. He just can't wait to drive himself somewhere again! It is really hard not to worry constantly about him. I just have to give it up to the Lord or I will make myself nuts worrying about things. Thanks for peeking in, hope you're having a fabulous week!


Nikki said...

Love the book.

Enuk's Mom said...

Cool book

Whimsey said...

First, I am sooooo glad Mike is doing better; how delightful to hear. I know he is THRILLED about driving - yeah (for you too)!!

Love the book; you are SO creative!!!