Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hi friends! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have officially stuffed myself! All of our family lives here in town so we had two Thanksgiving dinners!

I had the craft fair at the bank a few weeks ago and it didn't go well. There were a lot of people there looking everything over but no one really in the mood to buy anything. So I didn't do near as well as last year. But at least I didn't have to pay any booth rent so I wasn't out anything for that. So guess what some people will be getting for Christmas? crafty goods!

It has been pretty busy at work these days. We had a birthday party for this gal in my office, she just turned 40 and you know I couldn't miss the opportunity to wish her well on her milestone birthday right? But we weren't too mean to her. We sort of did a princess theme. We hung all sorts of 40's all over her office (some from the ceiling) and our main color theme was pink and black. Here is a picture of us (she is wearing the black boa) we thought we should all wear black in honor of her special day and of coarse boa's! We also got her this fun little light up crown that was furry and said 29 forever! We had confetti all over the office...I am sure the cleaning crew just loved our department that night! Her mom sent me a cute little school picture of her when she was about 6 years old and I enlarged it to 15x17. We made about 8 copies and put them up all over the office! So much fun! Needless to say she was a good sport and loved it!

I will have some projects to post soon. I am trying to clean up my scrapbook room after all of the craft fair stuff. You just get on a roll when you know you are working towards a deadline. Sheesh...I have paper scraps and glue everywhere! Thanks for stoppin' in!

Hugs! Toni


Whimsey said...

Oh what fun you girls had - you all look d'vine!!! :D Love the colors and her 40th will certainly be memorable!

Sorry the craft fair didn't go well - I'm shocked they let you do that at the bank!?! But hey, they'll be thrilled with their x-mas gifts!!

Hugs, ~M.

Enuk's Mom said...

Very cool picture

Sarah :) said...

I can't believe no one bought your adorable goodies!! But hey, look at it this way, some of YOUR Christmas shopping is out of the way now! *haha* And you used up a lot of scraps in the process so all in all I say you came out on top. :)

Love the boas! Looks like a fun party!

Lynette said...

It looks like Linda enjoyed herself, even though she is creeping up on middle age now. I am so not ready for Christmas.

Kimpossible said...

Ooohh sorry about the craft fair. Your stuff is just too cute! At least your ahead on your Christmas shopping!