Friday, December 12, 2008

Aunt T

OK so I wanted to show you this latest project I have been working on. I started it a long time ago and just now finished it up. My sister is an amazing photographer. I asked her one day this summer if she would take some photos of the girls out and about downtown. We ended up at Bum Park. For those of you that don't know it is a sweet little park in the middle of the downtown area and the bums like to hang out down there...hence the name. Anyway there are a lot of people that think this place is picturesque too because the same day we were down there a professional photographer was shooting a wedding in the park also. Pretty cool. Anyway my sis took her time and got a ton of great photos and I really appreciate her doing that. So I decided to make her a little memento of the photo shoot. I took my camera too and tried to get some pictures of her taking pictures. That was so much fun. Man she is not afraid to do anything and it was so cool to see the creativity oozing out when she was telling the girls how to stand and such. Anyway the only way my blog template would allow me to show you all of the photos for this book was to put them in a slide show. If there is a photo that you want to examine closer then just hoover over the photo with your mouse and the rotation of photos will stop.

Now to explain the book to you a bit. This is a small rectangle board book, very similar to a picture book you might purchase for a child. The book is actually made by Creative Cafe. I used background stamps to give the pages some pizazz and I inked the edges with Catseye chalk ink (by Colorbox), purchased at Hobby Lobby. (If you haven't tried these little Catseye chalk inks you definitely need too!) The patterned paper that I used is by Cosmo Cricut (also purchased it Hobby Lobby at a 50% off sale) and I picked several SU colored ink pads to coordinate. Most of the embellishments are stamps. (You would be amazed at what you can save by making your own embellishments with stamps) That about sums this little project up in a nut shell!

Thanks for peaking in! Hope you have a great weekend!

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Enuk's Mom said...

Great book, Teri will love it.