Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Baby

Here is a fun little card that I made for our son Thomas. The red cardstock is embossed using the Cuttle Bug and the snow embossing folder. I hadn't used this little Santa stamp yet so I felt good about breaking it open and inking it up for the first time!
Thomas lives in Seattle so we sent his package off last week. We sure do miss him. I wanted to fly him home for Christmas but he said that he couldn't take the time off. They had some lay offs where he works so he thought he better wait til later to come home. The other night I got to talk to his girlfriend for the first time. She seems like a very nice chick. I talked her socks off though! I am not really sure how long they have been dating but I think it has been close to a year.

This flu stuff has hit me again. Last week I was sick for a while and this weekend it hit me with a vengeance! I could feel it coming back on Saturday evening and then BAM! Sunday morning I thought my head was going to pop off. We had 2 pills left over from a prescription decongestant this year so I took that and it helped but I still felt awful so I went to the doctor today. Good thing too because he said I have a bacterial infection in my sinuses. Get this he looked in my nose and said "Yep...there's puss up there" how gross is that? My head feels like some one hit me with a baseball bat. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. Bad thing is I didn't get anything done yesterday. I haven't wrapped any presents and I was working on my Christmas cards. They are in pieces but I think I will just save them for next year. Welp...thanks for checkin' in on me! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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