Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Golf Swim Party

Hi everyone! This is a layout that I finished up last week. It was one of them that I started out and got stuck half way though. Ever had that happen? Creative brain freeze! So it sat on my desk for a few weeks and after I came back from the PJ crop I finished it up. Every year after the girls finish up their summer junior golf there is an awards party at the Rolling Hills pool. This was 2007 and Sidney took 3rd place in the tournament! Go Sidney! I really like it that they have taken up golf. It is something that Mike likes to do and they can go out and spend some time with him. The orange flowered paper is from Creative Imaginations but all the other paper is from my stash that I have been "hording" here in the basement so I couldn't tell you what it is! Anyone else have that sickness?

Man it sure was hot here today! I am sure if we cracked an egg on the sidewalk it would have cooked right there! LOL!

Haley and I braved the heat and went over to the used book sale for Bishop Carroll at our church. You are thinking...used book sale...what the? Well at Bishop Carroll they make you buy your books and most of them new are between $50-80 depending on what you need. So naturally parents want to get in on a good bargain. Luckily I had some great advice from my sister in law, who is a pro at this, and there was a really nice lady in line behind us too. I got there at 5:45, the sale didn't start until 7 but I had heard you better be there early. So there we are standing in line...the lady behind us says I should go to the parking lot to see if anyone is selling anything out of their car so I hit the pavement and ran out the door. I was running around the parking lot asking "FRESHMAN? FRESHMAN BOOKS?" I only found one but saved half so that was good. I went back inside and stood there for a while then the lady behind me said I am going to go out and see if I can find anything for my daughter (she was going to be a senior) so I sent Haley out with her and she came back with 2 more books. Good so far right???? I was feeling pretty good about saving all this money so we stood in line for a while and thought...let's go back out and try again. So we did and we bought an English book from some chick standing at the door...yeah I don't know what it was...maybe that mother's intuition I said "Haley go down there in the book sale and ask them if this is a current English book" SHYA...RIGHT...IT WAS SO NOT EVEN ON THE LIST...of current books. So we were out $20 on that one. Hopefully that person didn't know and they made an honest mistake and weren't trying to screw people over. But there you go...you live and you learn. Oh well. I had a good time with my kiddo and that's what count...even if that sucker got our $20!!! LOL!
Have a great evening! Talk to you soon!


JoEtta Zabel said...

Love the layout...the middle one is awesome

Lynette said...

You did very well after your creative freeze melted. I have one like that on my table right now.