Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Prom Night

Hi everyone! How are you this fine Tuesday? Are you just about ready to get those kiddos back into school? We are counting down here at my house. I am taking Haley over to enrollment tomorrow afternoon...gotta do it there at the school...can't just mail everything in. I wish there was an easier way but that is how they do it at Bishop Carroll.

Any way I thought I would share a layout that I did not long ago. This was of Whitney's Junior Prom in 2003. I remember when I went to Junior Prom...it was so much fun to get all dressed up and have a cute boy pick you up for dinner and dancing! Must be why I love date nights with my hubby so much **wink**. I wanted this layout to be simple but elegant. I found this great die cut for the title "Prom Night" and I thought it was great because it matched the colors of Whitney's dress perfectly! By the way I found this cute little title at Scrapfunattic in Andover, KS. **SIDE NOTE**You see the bottom photo that I cut in a circle? See the little kitty? That was our favorite cat Buster. He was a stray that Whitney found over at her mom's house and loved him so much she started feeding him (hoping that he would keep coming over). Well this little cat loved her too and naturally he liked being fed so when he started hanging out regularly at her mom's she decided to bring him over here to our house. He was a stray but he was the best cat...more like a dog actually. When she brought him home Mike named him Buster and it just worked. Sidney, who at the time was 4, couldn't say Buster, she called him Busser...then we all started calling him Busser! Busser was an out door cat and he would come and go all the time. Sometimes he would be gone all day long but he always knew when we came home and he was always around in the mornings too. If we wanted to see him during the day and he wasn't around all we had to do was stand outside and holler "Buuuuuuusser!" and here he would come meowing and running down the street. But one day he just stopped coming around. We were all pretty sad about this, but one thing is for sure he will always have a place in our hearts. Now you see, this cat just loved Whitney and he just couldn't stay out of the Prom photos...so naturally I had to use this photo some how in the layout! Aww...good times!

Well, thanks for peekin' in on me. Sure hope this week goes fast cuz I am ready for another weekend!


Whimsey said...

Hi friend - GREAT pictures; love the layout, that black paper really looks elegant with the pictures. Great job.

BTW, thanks for the comment on my LOUD card; I really hated it last night - REALLY!! But I like it more today; not my colors AT ALL. Isn't that funny?


Lynette said...

The black is striking. I like what you did for journaling.

JoEtta Zabel said...

I like the layout and the story about Buster...I had forgotten about him.