Monday, August 3, 2009

July 4th

Hi everyone! How are you doing this Monday? I wanted to share some of our 4th of July pictures with you and I just got so preoccupied with the pictures of our grandbaby. So I was sitting here this evening thinking about what to post and I thought...hah...I need to share these pictures with you! Haley helped me make some festive goodies for the 4th as you can see in the first picture. We made firecrackers on a stick...which are just big stick pretzels rolled in melted vanilla and then rolled in festive sprinkles...and then don't forget the cupcakes...gotta have cupcakes with sprinkles! I can't believe how much they have grown goes fast doesn't it? Before we know it school will be starting again!

Thanks for peekin' in on me...I love it when you stop by. Have a good week!


JoEtta Zabel said...

Love the in the first picture...Miss Haley looks like a teenager...OMG she's growing up...I'm going to go cry now...LOL

Whimsey said... made those on July 4th? Any left over? I love those hand dipped pretzels - tell the girls I'll be right over!! :D

You asked:

Ok...the little "you might like these" at the bottom of your blog entry are'd you do that?

Of course, I learn from others. :D Underneath the pictures, it says "LinkWithin", click on that and just follow the directions - voila, yours will be just like mine! Cool eh?


Nikki said...

Great pictures!

Julie Hieger said...

wow. haley looks like she's lost a ton of weight since school got out. way to go girlie!