Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Birthday Layout

This tells you how far behind I am on scrapbooking...this was Haley's 11th birthday...a year and a half ago!!! Oh well...the important thing is that I got it done right? I always try to do something fun and different for their birthday every year. This year there was a new pottery studio that opened up and she wanted to have a party there. It is a pretty cool place and the owners are great! So anyway with all the bright colors I thought this Junkitz Salsa paper was perfect. I know the pics aren't great. I need to work on taking pictures of my 12x12 layouts. Most of the layouts I see on blogs are digi scrappin...but I just can't get into that. I need to feel the paper and get glue on my fingers...know what I mean? I am home with a sick kiddo today. I took her to the doc cuz I thought it might be strep...nope just a virus. I hate hearing that...just because it has to run it's course. I just want them to feel better. Well thanks for stoppin' in!


emily said...

are we ever going to be caught up on scrapbooking?? there's always something to be scrapped! looks good!

Enuk's Mom said...

Between you and guys are just entirely too talented...LOL