Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I have thought long and hard about our family new year's resolution and my personal resolution. I am a fairly organized person but because I work two jobs and have all the family things going on too my home tends to get a little messy sometimes. Mike and I decided that the girls are going to help out more around the house. They are at an age where they should be helping more around the house. So we have decided that there will be no tv until their rooms are picked up. And each one of them will have a specific chore to do every week. As for me I am going to try to use my time more efficiently. Just try not to procrastinate as much. Sometimes that can be hard when you are tired but I just need to get things done and then I can rest. We have also decided to join the YMCA. Less tv sounds like a good thing to me! Then we have decided to have a short family prayer time before bed every night. We have always said prayers with the girls before bed but we haven't been as consistent lately. If you don't give them a firm foundation how can you expect them to make the
right choices later?
What are your resolutions?

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