Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I took off this afternoon to go to Haley's softball game. I was so glad that I could go. Most of the games are in the afternoon and there is no way that I could take off work for all of them. This was a home game so I took the afternoon off and headed out to St. Joe. What a beautiful day! The sun was shining and it was just gorgeous! Any way here are a few fun shots I got at the game. What a fun group of kids. I sat in the stands and cheered them on with all the other parents and kids from school. It really brought a lot of memories back for me from my school days!
I am going to post more pictures in a bit. I took a walk around the school and church grounds. It is so beautiful out really get the feeling that the Lord is out there. There is such a peace. It's really hard to explain. But that's why I am so glad my kids go to school out there. I know every place has their "issues" but I know my kids are happy to be there too and that is the important thing.
Talk to you again in a bit!

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Sarah :) said...

Awesome shots, Toni! I especially like the one up against the chain link fence. What a great moment you captured!