Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bobunny Valentine

Tuesday night I taught a Bobunny Valentine class. LOVE this line of paper! They always come out with such cute stuff. Here are a few samples of stuff we did. I couldn't get the right lighting on my cards so the photos look a little yellow but anyhow...the first card was so easy and fun to make. It is all one piece and the hearts are cut so that there is half on one side and half on the other. Cut a few slits into the hearts so they will slide together and bam...the easiest but coolest valentine card! The last photo is of a bag that we did. The fun part about this bag is the topper. It is a 6x8 piece of CS folded in half with a slit in the fold so that you can put the handles of the bag through. The heart is glued onto the topper. Throw in a few words and some ribbon and inexpensive bag for your valentine!
Thanks for stopping to you tomorrow!


Enuk's Mom said...

Awesome...I especially love the bag.

Lynette said...

Those are really cute cards. I took a class are River City last night with Nicole and made some cute cards there too.

BTW, you have have been tagged, check my blog for the rules.

emily said...

wish i was at that class...what cute projects!