Saturday, January 5, 2008

She's Growing Up!

Over Christmas break Haley did some baking. I was working on a project and I asked her if she wanted to bake some cookies. I really didn't expect her to do everything all by herself but before I knew it she brought me a cookie! They were very yummy! She didn't ask for any help or anything! And check out how she arranged them on the she Betty C or what? I am proud and sad all at the same time. Proud that she has learned enough from me that she can do this on her own but sad because before I know it she will be all grown up! Aww's a good thing! of my girlfriends told me that Walgreens has their one hour photos on sale for .10! The coupon code it I am off to upload some photos!

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Enuk's Mom said...

Haley did a great job.