Thursday, January 3, 2008

Coaster Valentine

Here is a little something I have been working on this week. I want to do this for a lunch and learn at the bank. What the heck is lunch and learn right? Well at the bank I work for occasionally we have a lunch hour where you bring your sack lunch and attend a "learning session" over your break. There have been various different companies come in from gardening places to flower shops. Some do an activity and some just provide helpful information. I taught a scrapbook class last year and had a great turn out so I thought I would do another one. This project is something I think, with a little preparation on my side, we could complete in an hour. This is made from coasters a friend of mine picked up for me at the dollar store. 6 come in a package for $1!! All of my embellishments are from the Stampin Up set "Loving Hearts". Pretty cool huh? I thought it would be something nice to set out on my desk for Valentines Day...or at least until I get the class done. I actually think I will either give it to my parents or my sister.

Haley had a ton of homework tonight, so I sat down here by the computer while she did some research and I worked on this project. Sidney wanted to scrapbook too so she did a couple of pages. I am floored at what she put together...and with just a bit of help from me. I will post that tomorrow....guess you'll have to check back in soon! Thanks for peeking in...have a great Friday tomorrow!


Whimsey said...

Too stinkin' cute!!! Do you have a "subscribe" link on your blog? I didn't see one...but I FINALLY got you added to my blog roll! Let me know if you do have a subscription link so I can get updates automatically. :)

Enuk's Mom said...

This is really cool, I hope there are enough people at the bank to sign up for a class.